The Crypto Payment and Accounting Solution.

Accept crypto payments and automatically track them with existing ERP solutions like QuickBooks or Sage.
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Transacting in crypto should be easy. With BixBeta's automated crypto transaction tools, you can start receiving crypto payments with little to no effort.

It is finally easy to
accept crypto payments.

Organizations used to struggle to receive crypto payments. Not anymore. Today, you can set up a fully automated crypto transaction widget on your website or inside your marketing channel within a few minutes.

Our Features

From transparent and instant crypto-fiat conversion, over highest-grade security standards, to automated tax letter generation, we got your crypto payment needs covered. We're also still expanding our product offering so check out our blog to never miss an announcement about any upcoming product releases.

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75+ Crypto


Your favorite accounting apps-
all linked to BixBeta.

We have made it easy to integrate crypto transactions into existing accounting solutions. That way you can simply add crypto functionality on top of your existing accounting framework.

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