Updated 03/04/2023

We Secure Your Data

Sub-Processors for Data

BixBeta utilizes third-party entities, known as sub-processors, to handle data in support of our services in accordance with our service agreements. To ensure the security and compliance of personal data with relevant regulations, BixBeta demands that each sub-processor meet the necessary contractual obligations.

Infrastructure Sub-Processors

BixBeta may use the following services to host customer data or provide essential infrastructure that supports the delivery of our services.

Sub-Processor                                  Purpose                                                   Location

Amazon Web Services, Inc            Hosting and Infrastructure               United States

Google Cloud                                  Infrastructure Services                     United States         

Other Sub-Processors

BixBeta may use the following sub-processors to perform additional service functions.

Sub-Processor                                  Purpose                                                   Location

Google Inc.                                      Communication & productivity       United States

Smartsheet                                     Collaboration and management      United States

Webflow                                          Website Design.                                 United States

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